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  He felt victorious ,a hero he has won the fight after shooting his fellow officer all this thought are in his mind but he is convinced they are true.
  He is in a shoot out with his fellow C.I.D officer most people with the same kind of illness experience similar episodes this are called delusions.(false thoughts)

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  • To create and promote 'grass-root' awareness on how to manage and prevent social vices through the media, magazines, seminars, campaigns etc.
  • To inform women and youth on proper self-awareness through coaching
  • To render counseling to victims and affected families- rehabilitation.
  • To inform the youth on core mutual respect and relationship value.
  • To help manage issues on gender mainstreaming and harmful practices.
  • To promote 'grass-root' enlightenment through health talk.
  • To help the youth discover, develop and deploy their talents for personal and societal benefit through Life Coaching.
  • To offer training programs on Life Coaching etc.
  • To create and promote mental health awareness in the community through the media, magazines, campaigns.
  • To inform the community on proper life coping skills.
  • To give counseling to clients and referrer them to other professionals.
  • To help the youths discover, explore and develop talents thus enhance their self-esteem through expressive therapy
  • To offer training programs on alcohol and drug abuse.

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