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  He felt victorious ,a hero he has won the fight after shooting his fellow officer all this thought are in his mind but he is convinced they are true.
  He is in a shoot out with his fellow C.I.D officer most people with the same kind of illness experience similar episodes this are called delusions.(false thoughts)

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CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Kenya) counseling center offers counseling and therapy sessions for persons from all walk of life. We focus on helping clients gain insight into themselves by going through a healing process. This is achieved by clients and therapist exploring past and present issues. This is achieved by use of talk, expressive arts like music and drama,


The center also attends client with alcohol and drug abuse related problems.
We appreciate individual differences; not everyone who comes to us is an addict. In fact many people have a problem controlling their drinking and need an understanding, support and advice on how to reduce or stop substance use. 


Our comprehensive screening, assessment and treatment plan process helps the client to make an informed decision, how to fully benefit therapy.


CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Kenya) mainly work with clients with Bio- psychosocial and spiritual issues that present as anxiety, depression alcohol and substance use, Insomnia and Anger. After assessment, it is common to find these issues are triggered by underlining issues that have not been dealt with leading one to develop a negative vicious pattern.


· Cognitive behavioural therapy.
· Motivational enhancement therapy
· 12-steps facilitation programme
· Marital and family therapy.
· Structured group therapy


We use assessment and treatment approaches that have been tried and proved to be effective worldwide. Mind works mostly uses manuals/books

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Address: No 69c , Duong Quang Ham Street, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Tel: +(84) 123 4567.

Fax: +(84) 123 4567.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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